Construction of sheesha in sheesha club warszawa and the consequences of smoking

Bollywood Lounge

Sheesha is a kind of water pipe for smoking served in sheesha club warszawa. It comes from India, but it gained popularity especially in Arab countries. It is mainly made of pitcher, the most commonly glass vessel decorated with oriental elements, which is used to pour water, ice water, milk, vodka and other liquid. Another element of sheesha is a metal pipe system applied on top, acting as a cork, as well as being responsible for supplying air and removing smoke, ending with a stand or an earthen applied dish for molasses or dried fruit. The last element of the shisha is the hose, or flexible tube, often metal coated with a material or plastic, decorated with a metal or wooden mouthpiece, through which smoke is drawn in a glass vessel.

Sheesha club warszawa has become a popular type of premises due to the growing popularity of water pipes associated with globalization. Young people love to meet and smoke sheesha during social gatherings, but they do not realize that by enlisting they provide their body with much more harmful substances than when smoking cigarettes. Inhaled nicotine can cause addiction, although the water filter in the sheesha absorbs some of the nicotine. One sheesha smoking lasts for about 40 minutes and consists of 50-200 puffs, smoking cigarettes being much shorter.

It is also worth mentioning that during the combustion of molasses or dried fruit, tar substances are released, similarly to the combustion of cigarette tobacco, although in the case of a water pipe, the released substances are 100-200 times larger. People are unaware of it because the water vapor causes the smoke to be less irritating, which gives a false sense of security and reduces fears about the harmfulness of smoking a water pipe. After all, smoking itself is extremely pleasant and relaxing and you can afford it once in a while.

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